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About Us

Welcome to Unique Blossom Pre-School

Preschool education is not just about art, music, dance, fun, and fantasy, it is to provide comprehensive learning objectives and having a structured way to achieve these objectives.

We believe that education is a continuous process that has to be developmental in nature & keep pace with changing times. We are firmly committed to change.

The 4 major components to achieve these objectives are:

  • The Philosophy
  • The curriculum & methodology
  • The learning tools offered to the child
  • The teachers who facilitate learning

Our curriculum balances these 4 components. The core philosophy inspired by the Montessori method. Each material has been designed following this philosophy. They have been trained effectively on the philosophy, curriculum, & materials. Academically equipped & socially adopt children are what we are striving to provide this world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to prepare children who come to our place for the future by broadening their horizon & by helping them incorporate the essential values of goodness, humanity, & discipline as an integral part of their lives.

To impact education this looks beyond the frontiers of formal education. It is, in fact a preparation for lifelong learning.

Our Mission

Our objective is to develop "Self Learning" which brings about the process of "Life-Long Learning" in our students.

We aim to help the children to manifest within them something unique, leading to increased satisfaction and success in individual living as also collective living socially, nationally, and internationally.

Our structured classes sizes ensure that our teachers give individualized attention to every student and share a strong personal bond with them.

Our holistic approach to education focuses on developing each child's self-awareness, intrinsic capability, and collaboration skills so that they can successfully navigate their future.


Unique Blossom Pre-School Provides

  • Well-structured Methodology & scientifically designed educational materials covering all aspects of early childhood development.
  • Well Research curriculum keeping the Indian academic context in mind.
  • Effectively trained teachers who are dedicated to improving a child's performance in class.

Our Director

Mrs. Gouri Yatin Joag
M. A. Mass Communication
Founder & Director


  • 3000+ educational toys
  • Well structured & friendly classrooms
  • Large & well equipped outdoor play area
  • Individualized education plan for every student
  • Mixed-age grouping concept
  • Performance Assessment through software
  • Students & Parents I Card for safety purposes
  • Field trips
  • Well trained and loving staff
  • School fees inclusive of School uniform, Schoolbag, and Books & Stationery
  • More happy time -- 9 am to 1:30 pm as per age group
  • Regular parents’ orientations
  • Planning for food and transport service in the future

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